Hormone Pellet Therapy

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Hormone pellet therapy is a medical treatment that involves the insertion of small pellets containing hormones into the body. These pellets slowly release hormones over time, providing a steady and consistent hormone level. Hormone pellet therapy is also known as Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and it is commonly used to address hormone imbalances, menopause symptoms, andropause symptoms, and hormone deficiencies. 

At Rejenesis Health and Wellness, Dr. Kevin Chan and his team have decades of experience helping patients rejuvenate their bodies after hormonal changes. Contact our office to learn more about how hormone pellet therapy can restore your energy levels, recalibrate your body, and enhance your vitality:

About Hormone Pellet Therapy

Your hormone levels affect your mood, sleep, libido, and physical appearance. Although hormonal imbalances are a natural part of aging, they do not have to be permanent. HRT recalibrates your body by restoring your natural levels of estrogen and testosterone. With hormone pellet therapy, we can increase your energy, improve your sleep quality, and enhance your libido for restored vitality. 

Customizable Treatment

Hormone pellet therapy can be customized based on an individual’s specific hormonal needs. The most commonly used hormones in this type of therapy include estrogen and testosterone. Estrogen replacement therapy is often recommended for women experiencing menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings, and decreased libido. Testosterone replacement therapy, on the other hand, is typically an option for men dealing with andropause symptoms such as fatigue, low energy, decreased muscle mass, decreased bone density, and sexual dysfunction.

How Does Hormone Pellet Therapy Work?

Bio-identical hormone treatment (BHRT) is a natural plant-derived hormone therapy that releases estrogen and testosterone into your bloodstream to reverse endocrine imbalances. Hormone pellets slowly release hormones over time. The hormones bind to cellular receptors that alter the composition of your cells and deliver the hormones to vital organs within the endocrine system. (1) With hormone pellet therapy, we can treat:

  • Andropause: Andropause is an age-related chronic testosterone decline in men; after the age of 30, men experience a chronic testosterone decline of 1% per year. (2) Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) will reverse the moodiness, low libido, and trouble sleeping associated with andropause for increased vitality.
  • Menopause: Menopause occurs 12 months after a woman has her last period. With hormone pellet therapy, we can restore estrogen and testosterone levels to help women improve their mood, libido, and cardiovascular health.

Types of Hormone Pellet Therapy

The type of hormone pellet therapy you receive will depend on the symptoms you have and the type of imbalance you are experiencing. We will assess your symptoms and examine the hormone levels in your blood to determine the best course of treatment. We offer three types of hormone pellet therapy:

Benefits of Hormone Pellet Therapy

Hormone pellet therapy is a convenient treatment, and many patients prefer the slow release of hormones because they feel increasingly better over time. The benefits of hormone pellet therapy include the following: 

  • Improved Hormone Balance: Hormone pellet therapy helps restore hormone levels to their optimal range, reducing symptoms associated with hormone imbalances.
  • Enhanced Energy Levels: Balanced hormones can boost energy levels, providing individuals with more vitality and reducing feelings of fatigue.
  • Increased Libido: Hormone imbalances can negatively affect libido. Hormone pellet therapy can restore sexual desire and improve overall sexual well-being.
  • Reduced Menopause or Andropause Symptoms: Hormone pellet therapy can manage and alleviate symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, vaginal dryness, fatigue, low energy, and sexual dysfunction.
  • Better Bone Density: Hormonal imbalances can contribute to decreased bone density and an increased risk of osteoporosis. Hormone pellet therapy can help preserve bone strength and reduce the risk of fractures.
  • Improved Cognitive Function: Hormone imbalances can affect mental clarity, focus, and memory. Hormone pellet therapy can help optimize cognitive function.
  • Enhanced Muscle Mass and Strength: Hormones play a crucial role in muscle development and maintenance. Hormone pellet therapy can enhance muscle mass and strength.
  • Youthful Skin and Hair: Hormonal imbalances can impact skin elasticity and quality. Hormone pellet therapy can improve skin texture and reduce hair loss.

Hormone Pellet Therapy Candidates

Hormone pellet therapy is suitable for individuals experiencing symptoms related to hormone imbalances, menopause, or andropause. Both men and women who are generally in good health and have realistic expectations for the treatment’s outcome can be excellent candidates for hormone pellet therapy.


During the consultation, Dr. Chan will perform a comprehensive evaluation, which may include blood testing to assess your current hormone levels. This evaluation will help him determine the most appropriate treatment plan for your specific needs. Dr. Chan will also address any questions or concerns you may have and provide detailed information about the hormone pellet therapy procedure.

Hormone Pellet Therapy Procedure & Recovery

During a hormone pellet therapy procedure, Dr. Chan will place small pellets beneath your skin. He will insert them into the deeper layers of the subcutaneous tissue of the hips, buttocks, or lower abdomen. Over the next 3-4 months, the pellets release hormones into your bloodstream to offset your hormone deficiency. Unlike an intramuscular injection, pellets are long-lasting and provide a consistent, slow release of hormones to help your body recalibrate for long-lasting results.

Hormone Pellet Therapy Results

You can enjoy the full effect of hormone pellet therapy after 2-3 weeks. As the pellets slowly release hormones, you will notice a gradual improvement in the way you feel. Many patients report an elevated mood, increased libido, and enhanced sleep quality after hormone pellet therapy. When you feel better, your self-esteem and intimate relationships also improve. You can enjoy feeling more at home in your body with a more stable mood and better sleep.

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Peptide Therapy is an anti-aging amino acid treatment that improves sleep, libido, and muscle mass for enhanced vitality. The amino acid sequences in the treatment bind to receptors in your cells to call attention to areas your body needs to heal. We offer oral and topical peptide treatments to restore your skin and reduce allergy symptoms. After a peptide treatment, you can enjoy enhanced self-esteem and physical performance. We can enhance your hormone pellet therapy with peptides to help your body process the hormones.

Allergy Testing and Therapy

If you are struggling with inflammation, congestion, sneezing, or a chronic cough, you are likely a good candidate for allergy testing. Untreated allergies can lead to chronic health issues such as asthma. However, few Americans with allergies seek treatment because they have become so accustomed to their symptoms that they have learned to live with them. Nasal inflammation caused by allergies affects more than 50 million Americans,(3) and food allergies affect more than 32 million. (4) There is no need to live with uncomfortable symptoms of allergies or let untreated allergies develop into long-term chronic health issues. To learn more about allergy testing, see our allergy testing guide.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine helps your body regenerate new cells for a more youthful appearance and increased vitality. Hormonal imbalances can affect the quality of your skin. As you age and your collagen production declines, wrinkles can change the way you feel about your body. We can resurface your skin with laser therapy and use needle-free acupuncture to restore your vitality. We can also help your cells regenerate with our Concierge Cellular Regenerative Therapy. To learn more about our corresponding treatments for vitality, see our blog.

The Cost of Hormone Pellet Therapy

The cost of hormone pellet therapy will depend on your symptoms and the length of your treatment. During your consultation, we will discuss your symptoms and provide an all-inclusive quote. Contact our office to learn how hormone pellet therapy and our anti-aging regenerative medicine procedures can restore your body


How long do the hormone pellets last?

The duration of hormone pellet effectiveness can vary depending on factors such as the individual’s metabolism, lifestyle, and specific hormones used. In general, hormone pellets can last between three and six months, providing a steady release of hormones over time.

How effective is hormone pellet therapy?

Hormone pellet therapy has been shown to be highly effective in managing hormone imbalances, menopause symptoms, andropause symptoms, and related concerns. The consistent release of hormones provided by the pellets helps restore hormonal balance and provides relief from various symptoms experienced by individuals.

Will hormone pellet therapy help me lose weight?

Although correcting a hormone imbalance can help your body maintain a stable weight, hormone pellet therapy is not a weight loss treatment. During your consultation, we will discuss your symptoms to determine the best treatment for your needs.

Is hormone pellet therapy painful?

No, hormone pellet therapy is not painful. After we place the pellets under your skin, you will not be able to feel them, and they will not be noticeable. You can return to the office in 3-4 months after they dissolve to receive new hormone pellets.

Will hormone pellet therapy interfere with my current medications?

Your physician will carefully evaluate your medical history and current medications during your personal consultation to ensure that hormone pellet therapy does not interfere with any existing treatments. It is essential to provide a complete and accurate medical history to ensure your safety and the effectiveness of the hormonal treatment.


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