Laser Therapy
Laser Therapy

Consultations offered at our three convenient locations in Ahwatukee, Cave Creek and Prescott Valley, AZ

Laser Therapy  Ahwatukee, AZ

Discover Thera-Lase: The Future of Healing and Pain Relief. Thera-Lase is the only non-invasive, drug-free laser therapy.

This high-powered laser therapy system is strategically designed to induce certain photochemical reactions in soft tissue to provide healing.


  • Deeper Penetration
  • Higher Power
  • Better Treatment
  • Wider Beam Diameter
  • Superior Technology


CELLULAR HEALING: Delivers concentrated light energy to stimulate healing at the cellular level.

DRUG-FREE RELIEF: Provides drug-free relief for both acute and chronic pain.

WOUND HEALING ACCELERATION: Accelerates the healing of wounds, promoting faster recovery.

INFLAMMATION REDUCTION: Effectively reduces inflammation associated with soft tissue injuries.


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