Regenerative Medicine
Concierge Cellular Regenerative Therapy

Consultations offered at our three convenient locations in Ahwatukee, Cave Creek and Prescott Valley, AZ

Concierge Cellular Regenerative Therapy Ahwatukee, AZ

Next-Generation Therapy in Regenerative Medicine

Introducing PPX: A cutting-edge therapeutic harnessing nanoparticles,
exosomes, and proteins from your blood. Designed to reduce cellular inflammation and enhance tissue healing

How It Works

  1. Your blood is collected at the office and sent overnight to a laboratory.
  2. The plasma is separated and then concentrated into your own PPX™ solution.
  3. Your concentrate is tested for contamination and shipped back to your physician’s office for personalized use.

The PPX Difference

  • Systemic wellness/optimization
  • Wound healing
  • Brain health
  • Osteoarthritis/joint conditions
  • Tendon injuries/tendinitis
  • Hair loss/regrowth

Our mission is clear: Reduce inflammation, and promote healing,


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