How Body Contouring Works to Say Goodbye to Those Last Stubborn Pounds

Losing weight can be a frustrating uphill battle. And just when you’re closing in on your ideal shape, your body refuses to cooperate, stubbornly holding on to those last fatty deposits. We can close the distance for you. Our innovative body contouring system helps you finally reach your goal and lets you show off your results with pride.

At Rejenesis Health + Wellness, under the expert guidance of Dr. Kevin Chang, our Phoenix-area patients have access to the latest technology and services to help them look and feel great. One tool we’re particularly pleased with is our truSculpt® iD body contouring system, which is an innovative way to get rid of lumpy, bumpy pockets of fat.

Here’s how truSculpt iD body contouring helps you kick those last stubborn pounds to the curb.

A higher power

The reason weight loss is so hard is largely because you’re up against forces that are tough to navigate, namely biology. When it comes to how you process, store, and shed fat, there are higher powers at play.

For starters, your gender plays a role in where you store fat. For example, women are biologically wired to hold onto fat around their reproductive organs, which means your:

  • Hips
  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs

Men, on the other hand, tend to carry fat around their midsections only.

Second, your genetics have a say in how your body stores fat, which means that if your parents had saddle bags or love handles, you may be more prone to those features.

What all of this means is that when you embark on a weight-loss program, your body dictates where you shed the pounds, and it may not be where you want. And no amount of targeted exercises or superfoods will bypass this hurdle.

But there is one way we can circumvent these influences — body contouring with truSculpt iD.

A direct approach

The reason our truSculpt iD system works so well on stubborn pockets of fat is that we can target these areas directly. This means that you’re no longer at the mercy of your body’s directives when it comes to shedding weight.

The noninvasive laser system delivers energy directly into your fat cells, which heats up and destroys them, reducing the number of fat cells by as much as 24% in your treatment areas. And this point is important, because when you gain or lose weight, your existing fat cells expand or shrink in size, not in number. With truSculpt iD, we eliminate the fat cells once and for all.

The system takes very little time thanks to the six handpieces we use — in just 15 minutes, we can tackle the fat in your targeted areas. Since truSculpt iD is noninvasive, we can use it almost anywhere, including the areas we listed above, as well as upper arm fat and even the fat under your chin.

Your results are gradual as your body flushes out the old fat cells and your skin resettles itself smoothly over your newer, slimmer shape. Most of our patients see results in six weeks, with maximum results after 12 weeks. It may take a series of treatments, which we can figure out when you come in for a consultation.

If you’d like to take charge of your body shape with truSculpt iD, please give us a call. Or you can use the online scheduling tool to set up an appointment.

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