How Pellet Therapy Can Help Men Suffering From a Hormone Imbalance

Although often referred to as male menopause, andropause is different from menopause in many ways. Some of the symptoms, however, are very similar: fatigue, depression, and loss of interest in sex. 

Low testosterone gets a lot of press these days, and products touting instant vigor and strength pop up in magazines, commercials, and social media feeds everywhere you look. While the efficacy and safety of some of these products and companies may be suspect, hormone imbalance is a legitimate health concern.

Kevin Chan, DO, at Rejenesis Health + Wellness understands the subtle changes caused by hormone imbalances in men. You may be experiencing some of the symptoms and think they’re just inevitable signs of aging. But, with hormone replacement therapy with BioTE® pellets, you may be able to turn back the clock and get back to the attitude, activities, and lifestyle you can only have when your hormone levels are balanced.

Why are hormones so important?

Hormones, the chemicals your body produces naturally, help control virtually all of your body’s functions. Without hormones, your brain wouldn’t know when your stomach is empty or when to digest your food when your stomach is full. Hormones regulate your mood and keep you from slipping into depression. They also control your libido and allow you to perform sexually. 

Under ideal conditions, your hormones allow you to enjoy a happy, healthy life. But if your body slows down its production of these mighty control chemicals, it’s easy to see how quickly your life can change physically, emotionally, and medically.

How to get your hormones back in balance

Hormone imbalance is a common condition. Many men slow or stop production of testosterone as they age. You may be more familiar with hormone fluctuations as something women face when they go through menopause, but it can happen in men, too. If you’re experiencing any of the classic signs, such as feeling tired all the time, not as strong as you used to be, a little moody or depressed, and less interested in sex, it may be due to imbalanced hormones.

Fortunately, there’s hope. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can help you get back to your normal lifestyle quickly. But you have choices when it comes to the form and type of the hormones you recieve. 

The difference between BioTE HRT and traditional HRT

The traditional formulation of HRT is made using the urine of a pregnant mare and other ingredients. You can get your hormones in the form of patches, pills, topical solutions, or injections. But, Dr. Chan prefers a more natural product called bioidentical (BioTE) hormones made from plants, and he favors pellets over the other methods.

Why? Because BioTE hormones are chemically identical to your body’s own hormones, so many physicians believe they’re safer than traditional HRT ingredients, which can cause blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes. 

What are BioTE pellets and why are they better?

Most traditional hormones are administered through pills you need to remember to take every day, or creams or patches you need to apply. Depending on the regularity with which you self-administer these hormones, you may experience a roller-coaster effect in your moods and your sex drive.

Pellets are different because they work consistently for 3-4 months at a time, which means you don’t have to think about them. Dr. Chan inserts a tiny pellet under your skin near your hip. It’s not painful, the whole procedure only takes about 10 minutes, and most men begin to notice the difference in about a week.

Benefits of BioTE pellets for men

Problems associated with hormone imbalances usually come on gradually, so you may not notice they’re happening until you’re really struggling. BioTE HRT pellets enable your body to function normally again. Most men report improved:

  • Mood
  • Energy
  • Sex drive
  • Concentration
  • Muscle tone
  • Fat loss

In addition, BioTE HRT pellets may help you prevent or manage other serious medical conditions. While studies are still exploring whether testosterone replacement is an effective treatment, it is known that low testosterone is common in men with:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease

You don’t have to live with the consequences of imbalanced hormones. But don’t trust your treatment to just anybody. Determining the right dosage and method takes experience and expertise. Dr. Chan is certified to insert BioTE pellets and can customize a treatment plan that targets your unique body and health goals. 

If you’re interested in BioTE HRT, book an appointment online or over the phone with Rejenesis Health + Wellness today.

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