What You Need to Know about Hormone Management/Therapy

Your hormones regulate your body functions, controlling body temperature, metabolism, and other body systems. When your hormones are out of balance, your entire body can be affected. That’s where hormone management and hormone therapy come in. Dr. Kevin Chan at Rejenesis Health + Wellness in Phoenix, AZ, provides comprehensive medical services, including hormone management and therapy.

What You Need to Know about Hormone Management and Hormone Therapy 

You may experience a hormonal imbalance from several causes, including:

  • Aging, which can decrease hormone levels
  • Menopause, which can decrease hormone levels
  • A medical condition, such as thyroid disease
  • A medical procedure, such as a hysterectomy

Hormones help to regulate many body systems, so the effects of a hormonal imbalance can be profound, and can include:

  • Sleep issues, including insomnia
  • Weight gain, especially belly fat
  • Thinning hair, skin, nails, and bones
  • Lower libido and sex drive
  • Decreased energy levels and chronic fatigue
  • Feelings of anxiety or depression
  • Memory issues and mood swings

Your doctor can help to stabilize and manage your hormones with effective hormone therapy. Modern hormone therapy uses bio-identical hormones, which are identical in structure to human hormones. This bio-identical characteristic offers important advantages, including:

  • A low risk of side effects, because they are individually dosed
  • Long-lasting results, which can last from three to five months
  • Safety, because they have been extensively researched and tested

Bio-identical hormones provide a steady stream of hormones in your blood, so you can feel better. They also help increase bone density, which prevents osteoporosis, broken bones, and fractures. They also won’t increase your risk of having a heart attack, experiencing a stroke, or forming blood clots.

Your doctor may also provide lifestyle modifications, to help increase your overall health. Lifestyle changes you can make include:

  • Exercising regularly, which boosts your mood and keeps your bones strong
  • Staying hydrated, which helps your body functions and skin
  • Practicing stress management techniques, which help to stabilize mood and promote wellness

Want to Know More?

To discover more about hormone management and hormone therapy, call Dr. Kevin Chan at Rejenesis Health + Wellness in Phoenix, AZ. You can reach him in the office by calling (480) 961-2366, so call today.

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