Xeo Laser Treatments: The Answer to Removing Unwanted Body Hair, Rejuvenating the Face, Treating Vas

The world of laser skin treatments can be terribly confusing, each touting its own unique way to address a variety of concerns. From specialized systems that remove hair and tattoos to treatments that create younger-looking skin from the inside out, you’re left wondering which one is right for you.

Well, you might say that we were met with that very same decision, which is why we offer the versatile xeo® technology by Cutera®. With one system, we can tackle a host of aesthetic issues, making it the handiest tool in our cosmetic arsenal.

Here at Rejenesis Health + Wellness, we pride ourselves on offering the latest, evidence-based laser therapies to our Phoenix area patients. As a primary care provider, we not only look after your health on the inside, we want you to feel good about how you look on the outside. With our xeo technology, we can get you to your aesthetic goals quickly and easily.

If you want to tackle unwanted body hair, vascular lesions, aging skin, and more, look no further than our amazing xeo technology.

Your skin’s journey

As you age, your skin undergoes an incredible amount of change, and most of it is unwelcome. Let’s start with the effects on your skin from environmental exposure and wear and tear. Your skin is designed to protect you from the world and takes a considerable amount of abuse in the process. From fielding the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays to warding off harmful bacteria, your skin absorbs and diffuses these dangers, but not without a lot to show for the effort.

Scars, vascular lesions, fine lines, and wrinkles begin to litter your skin as the damage begins to pile up, and your body isn’t able to keep up with repairs. Adding insult to injury, your body’s production of collagen and elastin naturally begin to wane with age, leaving your skin without critical structural support.

Between the damage and the loss of support, your skin begins to rapidly show your age, especially on your face where your skin is highly exposed.

A wake-up call

With our xeo laser technology, we can send laser energy deep into your dermis to provide a wakeup call for your collagen and elastin. This deep dermal heating spurs a mild healing response in your body, which answers the call with renewed collagen and elastin production.

This technique is a great way to undo many of the signs of aging as a new support system lifts and tightens your skin.

A gray area (or red, or brown)

Vascular lesions and areas of hyperpigmentation are other problems that can become more pronounced as you get older. While you may have been born with a vascular lesion, many of them, especially facial veins, develop on the heels of prolonged exposure to the elements.

As well, your melanin can start to malfunction and cluster, causing brown spots to appear on your exposed skin.

Whatever the cause of your vascular lesion or hyperpigmentation, we adjust our xeo technology to target red and brown pigments. To break up these blemishes, we send light energy into your skin, which is absorbed by the pigments as heat. This heat breaks up areas of hyperpigmentation and constricts blood vessels, allowing us to do away with both vascular lesions and age spots.

The hair where?

Taking the xeo technology a step further, we can help you get rid of unwanted body hair. By sending light energy into your hair follicles, we heat up and destroy these tiny structures, which your body flushes out naturally. Once the laser destroys a hair follicle, it’s gone for good as your body doesn’t regenerate new ones.

Thanks to the versatility of our xeo laser technology, we have an all-in-one tool that brings out the best in your body. To learn more, we invite you to give us a call or use the easy online scheduling button.

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